100% Off Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a pretty strange concept overall. Yesterday we all sat down with our family and friends and thought about what we are grateful for. Then before our turkey can even digest shoppers rush out to stores to fight each other for the next new gadget. The big secret is that if you stay away from the big box stores you will receive a 100% off deal and no money will leave your pocket. The key is to let this day pass over and avoid the chaos.

Skip the Deals

If there is something that you have needed for a long time and you can pick it up for a deal today so be it. I would argue though that most people get online and search for a good deal and then talk themselves into the purchase. This is the whole point of why the big stores do this, there is now a frenzy built into the mind of the consumers that are associated with this day. Today is just like all the rest and most deals can be found year-round. The Black Friday ads and sales are a call to action to get the consumer to think of what they need to waste some money on.

Focus on Family and Friends

Instead of fighting the crowds stay at home with your family and friends. Get outside and get active or head to a movie together whatever you do just focus on being with each other. Everyone claims there is never enough time to see their loved ones, so donโ€™t waste away today! Many people have traveled to be with each other and have the long holiday weekend off so take advantage. You will make lasting memories with your family if you focus on them today. On the other hand whatever item you buy today will be forgotten about within the next year as the newer and shinier version replaces it (IPHONE11!).

What To Do With All The Money You Didnโ€™t Blow
  • Get an unexpected gift for someone you care about.
  • Take your significant other out to dinner.
  • Pay off debt that continues to hover over you to position yourself for a better 2018.
  • Invest in yourself to build skills to get a better position in 2018.
  • Open a Roth IRA.
  • Build your emergency fund.
  • Give the cash to a family you know is worthy but really struggling.
  • Buy 100 burgers from McDonald’s and pass them to the homeless.
  • Start your childโ€™s 529 plan for college.
  • Stash the money for a vacation you will get more enjoyment from down the road.
My Thoughts

Try to keep the thoughts that you had on Thanksgiving going this weekend of gratitude and spend as much time with your family and friends as possible. Make sure that if you do go out to make a purchase you need whatever you are buying. There is a trade-off with money and most of the world will be back away from their families at work again on Monday, so make today count! Happy Thanksgiving leftovers day.

What Are Your Thoughts?
  1. Do you participate in Black Friday?
  2. Is there something I am missing out on by not going today?
  3. Is it bad I discourage people to go out and buy when I own stock in the companies they will buy from?

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21 Comments on “100% Off Black Friday Sale”

  1. I agree Black Friday is like the rest and most deals can be found year round. Thanksgiving/Christmas should be about gratitude and spend as much time with your family and friends as possible.

    1. Hey Steve, I think that once someone can grasp that concept they are able to really start enjoying the holidays for what they are.

  2. haha I love the concept of 100% off Black Friday!

    I agree that the sale is just like any other days’ sales. There are times when you can actually find better deals on regular days when there’s no hype about a sale. When is it never a sale, right??

    Plus, the stuff we all want will never go on sale — supply and demand!

    Why would companies want to put the stuff that most customers want on a “blow-out” sale anyway? Even if they did, it would be limited to the first 10 people haha. IMO (I’m in no means to offend anyone who reads this), that would mean lining up and not making good use of our time.

    I believe that the time is better spent w/ family, helping someone out who needs it, thinking of new ways/ideas to make money, improving your skills (investing in yourself), etc. That’s what I call real value! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thnx for sharing this post. I love your title!

    1. Thanks FSP. I agree that most big ticket items can be found throughout the year. The “door buster” items are a trade off of time for those willing to wait. My intention was not to put down anyone with this article that partakes in Black Friday. I just think its important to be a conscious consumer and recognize that you don’t have to be forced to spend anything just because today is the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m from Canada but in Hawaii right now so this is my second “Black Friday” ever. I’m a guilty PF blogger as I just bought a Marc Jacobs purse for $100 hahah.. so much for avoiding Black Friday! We’re not going crazy though and lining up anywhere for a $50 flat screen TV or anything.

    1. Haha,you mean you didn’t stand in line all day for that flat screen instead of hanging out on the beach in paradise, your crazy! Nothing wrong with the purchase we all have our own guilty pleasures.

  4. I didn’t participate this year but I have in the past. Typically when I do spend money on Black Friday, it’s for purchases I was planning on making anyway (i.e. new tools for DIY home improvement, dress clothes, etc.). I think some people go overboard or feel a “need” to spend money, but really if you want to win on Black Friday it should be purchases you would have made earlier that you put off.

    1. I think that’s a good plan David. If you already had your eye on something and can get it at a good deal while keeping your sanity with the crowds then more power to you!

  5. hahaha, good one! What can beat 100% off? Nothing!

    We do participate in Black Friday but only for items we really need. For example for this black Friday we just:

    -Upgraded our 5 year old smart-turned-dumb-and-slow-phones. We need the phones for personal but also business purposes.
    -Got a 2nd laptop. Sharing one laptop with hubby was also becoming counter-productive ๐Ÿ™‚

    But we bought all that online, we are too young to die on Black Friday trying to score a deal offline ๐Ÿ™‚

    99to1percent recently posted…Giving Thanks and The 6 Gifts That Keep On Giving…

    1. Sounds like some nice upgrades! I am with you 100% on not going to the brick and mortar, online purchasing is the way to go. Enjoy your new phones!

  6. You’re right about this concept. I love it and those are excellent uses of all of your extra savings. People take advantage of perceived deals that require them to spend money they weren’t planning on spending. It is one thing if you are planning on purchasing the items regardless and are waiting for Black Friday. But too often it is not the case. You leave with a massive credit card bill that you were not anticipating, so you cannot knock out those financial goals. Thanks for the great read!


    1. Thanks for the comment Bert. I agree if you have a big purchase and can get a deal then by all means! Just see to many people going from being grateful to clawing over each other for some new “thing” they don’t need.

  7. Gratitude over consumption wins hands down! Great article about avoiding buying stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.
    Here’s to a grateful and gracious holiday season!

  8. I love all the ideas on what to do with the money you didn’t blow. I ended up buying the Apple Air Pods during Black Friday for $150, not liking them, returning them and investing that $150 in stocks instead. So I’d consider this Black Friday a success haha. Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I like your style! Nothing wrong with treating yourself but most of the time I feel like people just look for the new thing to buy. I have used the same pair of headphones that came with my phone and they still sound great. Until I have a cool million I feel like I can live with many of the items I already have.

  9. Hi DM,

    My wife and I did not participate at all this year. On previous years, we have bought stuff (online) that we needed anyways, plus holiday gifts for family.

    We still have to buy the holiday gifts, but, like you say, I’m pretty convinced that sales run all the time.

    1. I think you will still have plenty of time to get deals! Cyber Monday today… there is always a sale. Thanks for commenting.