5 Ways to Crush Frugal February

February is the shortest month of the year. Starting today through the 28th challenge yourself to be frugal! If you can’t do it this month then let’s be real, you never will.

The low hanging fruit here is to look your sweetheart in the eye and tell them that there will be no romantic evening on Valentine’s. This is the easiest way to save money this month. Skip the fancy dinner, chocolates, and card. *


That is a joke folks. Please don’t skimp on the one person that put up with you all year! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and keep your relationship intact.

Let’s look at 5 great ways to be frugal this February and keep cash in your pocket!

1) Attempt as many “no spend” days as possible.

This is something I have been doing for a long time. Start your day with the intention to spend no money. This may sound like a real challenge but most of the time it isn’t. The big expenses are taken care of.

Wake up with the intention to not spend money and see it through for 24 hours. If you can repeat this throughout your week/month it adds up! Plan to avoid getting caught in money traps during the day.

2) Don’t consume alcohol for a month.

Just when you thought you were going to drink away the pain of frugalness in February! Stop wasting your money on drinks at dinner or going out. Instead focus on your health and your wallet.

This is a double whammy as you will start to feel better and can cross off your physical new years resolution at the same time. If you can’t handle the madness buy your booze from the liquor store and avoid the mark up when you are out.

3) Do not purchase any wants for the entire month.

Have your eye on a new pair of heels? Maybe you need some new snowboard bindings? Well get over it for a month!

Whatever you currently have will get you through 28 days. Live with all the items you have and keep your money in the bank. No blowing money on any unnecessary wants this month!

4) Work your way through your pantry and freezer.

If you are like most families out there you have stockpiled some food in your home. Even if it was not your intention chances are you are hoarding some frozen and nonperishable goods.

Try to work your way through some of those macaroni and cheese boxes and skip buying more food at the store. Channel your inner college student and eat 13 packs of ramen this month!

5) Kill the wiggle room in your budget.

Most people leave a buffer each paycheck “just in case”. When you should have an emergency fund and a low balance in your account.

For one month stretch yourself thin. You know when you get paid, it is the 1st today maybe you just did. Instead of your normal plan immediately take some off the top.

Allocate that cash towards debt, savings, or an investment account and give yourself a bonus.

Wrapping It All Up

Do not attempt being frugal for a whole month and come out the other side with nothing to show!

There is waste in most of our lives and an exercise like “Frugal February” reminds you that you can live on less. Take this lesson and run with it throughout the rest of 2018.

Whatever cash you do not spend make it work for you!

Fund your IRA, HSA, or 401(k).

Maybe pay down your mortgage or invest in a taxable brokerage account.

Just do something for yourself this month. Report back in March and share any funny stories and see how much you can really save.

What Are Your Thoughts?
  1. Name some of your ways to save.
  2. Where will your extra dollars be allocated?
  3. What is the most memorable valentine’s day you have had?

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40 Comments on “5 Ways to Crush Frugal February”

  1. One of my favorite ways to save during the month – check out the free events in your area, check out a few books, and enjoy making a few new dishes in your own kitchen.

    These three really can add up throughout the month as you avoid spending on the wants you mentioned in the article.

    Let’s do this!

    1. All great ideas!

      I need to get back into cooking some new things at home. I am one of the weirdos that enjoys home cooked meals more then eating out most of the time.

      I am with you!

  2. Amazing post!
    It used to be much easier for me to get through a day or two without spending but now it seems I’m blowing through my wallet. Drinking is another one of my bad spending habits!

    1. There is always something to spend cash on. Drinking can really get expensive! The other problem is you start to get drunk and spend more haha.

      Always good to challenge ourselves a bit.

  3. It’s ironic that I am reading this while sipping an orange flavoured San Pelligrino spiked with some vodka haha. But I am enjoying it at home and this vodka bottle has been here for years so might as well try and finish it (not all in one go, don’t worry!).

    I love no spend days! I had an almost no spend week last week (but succumed to a Whole Foods macaron) and I am working on a no spend week this week, almost completed.

    1. That sounds really good haha. You have a system down, high end fancy drinks at home.

      No spend week is another level well done! You are crushing.

  4. Dude. You can’t do this to me when we’re gearing up for our annual trip to Nevada in two weeks!!! I’m sooo looking forward to numerous rum and cokes while plopped at the $5 tables in Mesquite. Maybe a month of March challenge could be arranged?!? 😉

  5. We and our friends usually buy drinks at the liquor store and bring back to our place to chill. The individual drinks w/ co workers is wayyyy too much. But the latter I’d have to make an appearance once in a while so I don’t look like I’m bailing most of the time.

    I had my own no spend challenge (on stupid $hit) for a year and it was great! By not buying useless stuff, we saw our savings skyrocket compared to earlier years. Helps a lot with not bringing in clutter too! That clutter crap makes me go insane… I still have a few high heels and other shoes brand new and never worn from a few years ago… I need to sell them off lol 😰

    1. I also love the no clutter. Whenever I do go pick up something like new shoes I kick out an old pair. Most of the time people let 50% of their closet just sit there.

      I got over the attachment to “things” and if I am no longer using something it gets kicked to the curb.

  6. Great post DM! I particularly like the sage advice to not mess with your significant other on Valentine’s Day 🙂

    We have been able to turn spending on and off through the years to live a fun life while socking away the long term savings.Thank you for reminding me that it all comes down to self-discipline. And, to lighten up along the way!

  7. Awesome ideas!

    We do our budget a little differently in that we set a lump budget at the beginning of the month that includes groceries, gas, entertainment, etc.,. For February, we decreased our budget by $75 to account for the short month, and hopefully we can keep the smaller budget going forward!

    The cutting alcohol out will DEFINITELY save a lot of people some serious $$$.

    1. I like the grouping of spending categories I am with you there. Great job being so focused it adds up.

      Alcohol is a costly habit. But like most things in life moderation is key.

  8. A great, practical list. I love the idea of no-spend days. While I won’t be giving up my wine entirely any time soon, I definitely have cut back on ordering drinks while out and about (drink prices/markups are crazy!), and all extra money at the end of the month always goes toward student loans.

    1. Wine is needed!

      The no spend days are really helpful. If everyone would implement them into the month they would find the extra cash for something else later.

      Great job on chopping down student loans, they are a necessary evil but once they are gone it feels great.

  9. I like no. 5 the best! People sometimes think that because they leave this wiggle room in their account, it’s a reason to spend. if this is the case, maybe it’s time to reevaluate or increase your retirement or other investment contributions.

    1. I agree. Extra money sitting in the account each month is a waste.

      It is a fact that if you are not intentional with your money it finds a way to leave you!

  10. I am glad my drinking days are over….only on occasions(3-4 times a year) I partake on a glass of wine and/or some hard liquor. But other than that, no going out on a weekly basis with friends when we used to splurge on food and drinks. It has helped a lot on my health and wallet

    1. No doubt about it drinking is tough on the pocket and body.

      It is important to keep it in check and replace drinks with a healthy habit. Swapping out a happy hour for a gym visit will change up your entire week!

  11. I’m definitely going to work on cleaning out my pantry this month. Not just to save money, but also for the sake of de-cluttering. I think I’ll try the no-spending challenge too. I used to be really good at only spending when I needed to. But lately it seems like I’ve been buying something every single day, and it’s usually something I don’t even need!

    1. Always nice to create more space!

      The no spending challenge is just a great way to focus for a day. Just being intentional helps a lot and keeps the small purchases at a minimum.

  12. I’m already on board the no drinking train and going strong so far – amazing how you start noticing just how expensive alcohol is 🙂

    Finding a great value lunch spot at work has been helpful for me too – when you can cut your lunch bill in half every day it becomes a good habit that’s hard to break! (of course, bringing lunch to work would be even better…)



  13. Good Stuff! Tax return and bonus are flying through the door this month so a majority will go towards wedding expenses (cash flowing my wedding in June) and the rest towards my last bit of debt. Loving #1! I need to start implementing “no spend” days regularly.