Build Wealth


If you have found your way to Damn Millennial you are looking to make positive changes with your life, kudos to you.

Information in this section is for those who take their money seriously. Some are born into wealth but most have to create it for themselves and that is what this site is set up to discuss.

Whether you are looking to invest, pay down debt, or save for a larger purchase in the future you should be able to find something that helps here.


The vehicle you use for your investments is as important as what you are investing in! Read about various types of accounts to figure out where you should deposit your hard earned dollars.

After you have opened up an account…

Getting Started With Investing

Debt Management

Learn how to use debt in a responsible manner if you want to grow your wealth. Debt can be a huge tool or a burden depending on how you use it.

Watching Expenses

Unless you have a trust fund you are going to have to learn how to watch your expenses….sorry. No matter how big your income it can be spent. Insert famous example here of rich person gone broke from terrible spending habits.

Check out some of the following posts that will help you save more of what you earn.