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Every day we wake up we all have choices. If it feels that your life has become routine, that is because you have chosen a life this way. Every day before today you had choices to make, some prove to be better than others. It is a combination of the choices we make that end up being our life story. This is so important to understand as we often forget we have choices and end up moving down roads we never thought we would be on.

This same phenomenon happens with all of our money if we are not intentional and decide not to prioritize what matters.  There are so many people focused on making money, but they often forget what they are earning that money for. This certainly does not mean we all need to have money be our primary focus, instead we need to understand what the money can do for us. This involves making a list of priorities and then figuring out how much money you need to live a certain lifestyle.


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What is your freedom worth to you? Is it worth giving up nights out at fancy restaurants? Not upgrading your car when the one you have still runs just fine? Is it worth eating ramen noodles for months? The answer to this question is different for everyone. To your average American employee, most people would not be willing to give up much. These are very real trade offs that many will not make in order to save money to ensure their freedom.

A “freedom fund” is much different than an emergency fund. The freedom fund is set up so you can be proactive while an emergency fund is set up so you are able to be reactive. An emergency fund is more of a need, it allows you to keep food on the table, a roof over your head, and other livelihood necessities if worst comes to worst and you are out of a job.  The freedom fund I think is a conscious choice that is not necessary at all stages in life or for everyone.

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Starting something new is hard, and I think it gets tougher with age. We all start out with good intentions when trying to do something new, setting high goals, with ambitions to achieve and often life happens and our plans are quickly forgotten because of competing priorities. This can be a disastrous cycle that can repeat itself for years.

This blog is an attempt to challenge myself to dive into something I am not 100% comfortable with. Although I don’t think of myself as an amazing writer or “SEO” (search engine optimization) Master, I am ready for a challenge. This will be a chance for me to share my thoughts with those who want to listen and have a unique curiosity to challenge themselves and get more out of life than the status quo. The first step is actively making a change, and that is what we are looking at in the inaugural post.
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