Find Your “Why”

Starting something new is hard, and I think it gets tougher with age. We all start out with good intentions when trying to do something new, setting high goals, with ambitions to achieve and often life happens and our plans are quickly forgotten because of competing priorities. This can be a disastrous cycle that can repeat itself for years.

This blog is an attempt to challenge myself to dive into something I am not 100% comfortable with. Although I don’t think of myself as an amazing writer or “SEO” (search engine optimization) Master, I am ready for a challenge. This will be a chance for me to share my thoughts with those who want to listen and have a unique curiosity to challenge themselves and get more out of life than the status quo. The first step is actively making a change, and that is what we are looking at in the inaugural post.

How to Successfully make a Change?

Set realistic goals – One characteristic I have seen in our generation is attempting to go from A to B at hyper speed. For lack of a better term, it seems like many are suckers for the “get rich quick” lifestyle. This applies to many categories money, fitness, and relationships to name a few. I am not an old man bashing on those that are going for it, actually, it’s the exact opposite. I gravitate to those with high ambitions working on building something they are passionate about. The issue is the approach to achieve what they want. Rather than starting small and letting things grow organically I see many people dive in with both feet and no plan. This leads too many people getting discouraged and quitting before they see things through because they feel they aren’t making progress. Instead, focus on the little wins and build from them. Once the momentum picks up your goals quickly build on one another, and you will be working from a strong foundation.

Focus on something you actually care about – This one seems like it would be pretty simple but I think it is a hard piece of the puzzle. Our world is more connected than ever and judgment is easy to pass. Each day everyone is posting pictures on the internet and refreshing their phones for “likes”. This is the ultimate form of daily judgment making it hard for people to be themselves. Instead, we mold ourselves into a version that we think will get enough “likes” to not feel embarrassed or different. This kind of pressure can cause people to do strange things where they try to impress others and end up doing things they don’t really enjoy. I see this happening with many in the form of a career as well.

Family can also steer someone down a path they truly are not interested in. The intentions of a parent are not malicious, but they may be more traditional. For those fortunate enough to have family support your parents most likely helped guide you into a college program and towards a safe career path. If you are on a career path you are enjoying, then that’s fantastic don’t over think it. Many however have been forced into professions and lifestyles projected on them by parents, and it can be self-destructive. In the long run, if you are bright and willing to work hard I believe many will be surprised in what they can accomplish by pairing a passion with skills they have picked up over the years.

Find your “why” –  The more I think about what is most important when setting lofty goals for yourself I realize how important it is to understand the WHY. This is beyond the basics of “well I need food, therefore, I work” I understand this piece is a reality and will have many posts in the future on how to get past that road block. Instead, I am alluding to the bigger picture of why you are working so hard? So many people just work hard because we feel that is how you achieve success. Our culture is built around hard work and it’s true, to achieve our many wants we need to work our ass off but be real with yourself about what you actually want out of life. Take time to reflect and make sure you aren’t just going through the motions because you have been taught that if you do, it will all be okay.

If you have taken a traditional path from start to finish, you will most likely end with a traditional finish. Take a serious look around you at those 10, 30, and 50 years down the road and see what it is you envy. If you are looking for same life, your parents provided for you then do exactly what your parents did, and you will get there. If you respect a small business owner in town, walk into their store and bring them a coffee to ask how they got to where they are. If you want a personal jet, look up information on who actually owns one and emulate their characteristics and work towards it. Just know that if you blindly continue to follow whatever path you are on you will not get to where you want to be someone else will make the choice for you.

Everyone’s Plan is Different

No one’s path is identical, but that is why life is so amazing. There is no right or wrong decision, just choices that get you from where you are to where you will ultimately end up. Everything you have done in your past to this point has led you to the life you are leading today. If you are proud of where you are that is fantastic keep up the pace and build on what you enjoy.

If you are in a bad situation and feel like you cannot make any progress don’t worry. It might be a slow and tough start to make a change, but anything worth doing in life tends to be challenging. Focus on some of the points listed above and make sure to come back to sites like this one and others you enjoy. It is important to surround yourself with positive people who are all working towards their own personal goals. The last point to remember is to start today, yesterday will be here sooner then you know it so you may as well make the effort.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • What has helped you follow through and make a successful change?
  • Was it worth it when you accomplished what you set out to do?
  • If you have set a goal and failed what caused the failure?

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