Market Monday: Cyber Monday Sales Set to Hit $6.59 Billion

Who: Adobe Insights (CNBC Report)

What: Cyber Monday sales set to hit $6.59 billion.

When: Monday November 27th, 2017

Why: More shoppers making purchase from their mobile devices driving sales.

My Thoughts

More shoppers are getting comfortable with making purchases on a mobile device. Cyber Monday keeps gaining in popularity every year. These numbers show an increase of 16 percent from last year. This in my opinion shows that consumers are still very confident. That or they are willing to spend when they perceive they are getting a deal. It is interesting to hear that wages are stagnant, yet consumption continues to increase, only in America!

Everything is easier to purchase online these days. Why would anyone go fight the crowds on Black Friday, when you can wait for Cyber Monday? It is now easier than ever to make a split-second decision to buy. Millions of people go into work and thumb through their phone during the day. When they get bored they see a deal pop up and think why not?

It makes me wonder if the economy is stronger then we think? Or maybe everyone is just feeling like they have some solid footing after this raging bull market and are wanting to spend some dough. Regardless that is a pretty amazing day for online sales.  It will be interesting to see how all the retailers do this year and if they can keep the market humming along.

What Are Your Thoughts?
  1. Did anyone out there make purchases today?
  2. Do you think this is a good sign for a strong holiday season?
  3. Is this a sign the bull market can continue to run?

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20 Comments on “Market Monday: Cyber Monday Sales Set to Hit $6.59 Billion”

  1. 1. Did anyone out there make purchases today? – Yes.

    2. Do you think this is a good sign for a strong holiday season? – Yes.

    3. Is this a sign the bull market can continue to run? – Who knows? I hope the market continues upward, but I’m also looking forward to potential buying opportunities at lower entry points. We continue to DCA, but we’re allocating additional capital to cash or cash equivalents to by on stand-by.

    Balanced Dividends Recently Posted:

      1. We’ve transferred the bulk of our equity exposure into large-cap value stocks / funds. While receiving passive income / dividend growth is an objective, I’m concerned of a potential large down slide on the growth side. Some of the valuations just seem too high. We’ll look to increase potential small / mid cap growth in the near future. We also recently set all future retirement contributions to a bond fund for the time being (looking to build up short-term equivalents for buying opportunities elsewhere).

        So about 6% (minimum for company match) as percentage of cash equivalents (really short-term US Treasury), but this is only temporary.


  2. Hey Mr. M, I haven’t bought a thing and I’m not sure what the implications are for the market, but I do think the economy is stronger than we think. Going back a few years, the media was filled with stories on the lack of economic growth, unemployment, little wage growth etc. coming out of the recession. My wife and I would then go out to a restaurant on occasion and see how crowded it was. We don’t eat out much due to the cost, but we would see families blowing tons of money on food and drink, lines at the door and crowds in the surrounding retail shops. I would sarcastically comment to my wife about how “tough the times” are. I thing we lose sight sometimes about how wealthy a country we are. I know not everyone participates, but I think the economy has been pretty good.

    1. I agree Tom, it seems like the news preaches one thing and then reality is another. Maybe it is because of geographical location as there is just more activity where I live but I echo your comments.

  3. It does show a strong point in our economy. Just take a look at AMZN which went up 16 points when the market opened on Monday. But I don’t know if the deals out there are super-amazing or a consumer-willingness to spend. I’ve been tracking the price of a home appliance and found that it wasn’t even on sale yesterday despite being a best-seller (maybe that’s why) 🙂

    1. Supply and demand! When a bunch of others want the same product it usually doesn’t go on sale. I do think the economy is showing that it is strong despite what some people are experiencing.

  4. I am not a shopper and only buy stuff that I need. If it’s on sale great but makes little difference for me. The economy seems to be stronger than originally thought with low unemployment I think most people are in spending mode. It will be interesting to see if it continues into 2018.

  5. I 100% believe the economy is killing it. I used to work retail during the recession, and saw my store go from 7 million dollars in sales a year, to 4 million. When I left in 2011, it was on pace to do 8 and half. That same store does about 12 million now.

    Obviously everyone’s economy is a bit different, but there is definitely money being spent out there!

    But overall, because I worked retail, I avoid the malls on black friday. Cyber Monday for me!

    1. Right on Gabe, that is very interesting. I hope everyone can spend now to keep things going but are making sure they are in a better position if things change down the road.

      Don’t blame you for avoiding the crowds!

  6. I’m really hoping for the bulls to continue into next year!!

    But if there are some dips and a super high spike in market volatility, I would consider buying/investing more than I generally would compared to when it’s an uptrend and calm market lol.

    It’s not recommended to time the markets, but when I see something like the VIX suddenly shoot up (e.g. like the Brexit news last year’s summer), I tend to have this itch to buy more. It’s like people feeling the itch to buy more when it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday lol… sorta like that feeling.

    1. Now that is how you know you are on a mission! When you get the itch to buy more equities, real estate, bonds instead of consuming an item you are on a war path!

  7. This was the first year that I did a lot of buying on Monday. Amazon had some legit deals. I’m going to come home from work to a porch full of goodies.

    I believe if anything it is a sign another crash is coming. People have gotten really complacent the last few years and people are going deeper into debt. They seem to think the good times can never end. The first hiccup might prove disastrous for lots of folks out there.

    1. Hey Grant, that is an interesting way to look at it. I can see your point there, I wonder how many of the sales were done via credit that will not be repaid by the end of the month.

  8. Hey DM!

    We scored a couple of sweet deals on Monday. The big question for the strength of the economy is how many people are buying what they can afford versus increasing their personal debt to make purchases? Is there any way to find that data?