Personal Money Priorities

Every day we wake up we all have choices. If it feels that your life has become routine, that is because you have chosen a life this way. Every day before today you had choices to make, some prove to be better than others. It is a combination of the choices we make that end up being our life story. This is so important to understand as we often forget we have choices and end up moving down roads we never thought we would be on.

This same phenomenon happens with all of our money if we are not intentional and decide not to prioritize what matters.  There are so many people focused on making money, but they often forget what they are earning that money for. This certainly does not mean we all need to have money be our primary focus, instead we need to understand what the money can do for us. This involves making a list of priorities and then figuring out how much money you need to live a certain lifestyle.

Making a list is no easy task these days. Life has never been “slow” but the pace seems to be faster than ever. We all have so many competing priorities in our life that it can be easy to forget about what is important to us. This answer is different for everyone but without figuring this out you may as well not work because you will be wasting your time.

Make Your List

Lists are powerful, I understand some people don’t like them but something about writing down your priorities helps keep things in focus.  When you make this list make sure you are in the right state of mind. Go somewhere to relax and take some time to think it through. Whatever you put on this list you are allowed to shift around later in life, that is okay. The only rule is the top three things on your current list will be where your extra money flows. Nothing else will distract you in your life from achieving the top three; this is the power of focus.

When you begin to focus on your three top priorities I guarantee you will see change. If you don’t see change you are not being honest with yourself on your level of focus and need to turn it up. For instance if  driving a nice car is one of your top money priorities then figure out a savings plan to get you in your dream car. If you have expensive tastes then you better be willing to work hard.

The best thing about this list is it doesn’t need to be materialistic. Maybe you want to better your relationship with old friends but never have the extra cash to see them. Make it a priority to save your extra money and fly to see them or fly them to see you, make it happen. Many people I know have frequently said they wish to travel more when sharing stories of trips, well why aren’t you then? There are no rules that you need to live in an expensive house or wear brand name clothes. Save every dollar out of your paychecks that you can squeeze buy the ticket and go. If you feel you can never save any money then it is time to change it up. Whatever you are doing or have been doing is not working; if this is you, quit the job or stop the destructive habits holding you back. It may be miserable for a while but you will have a breakthrough on how to either earn more or save more when you begin to focus.

Make sure when you are finished you keep this somewhere that you will see on a regular basis. No need to tape it up in your kitchen but just somewhere private that you frequent at least once a week.  This will be the reminder you need when other people start pulling you in a direction that you know is not right for you.

I am not saying to put EVERY DOLLAR towards your Lamborghini at the top of the list. Instead what I am trying to say is know why you are working or investing and then make those reasons a reality by focusing whatever you can towards them. Living your life intentionally is important in all aspects of our lives and doing so with money is no different.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  • What are the top three priorities in your life?
  • How do you use the money you earn to make sure you have time for these priorities?
  • Have your priorities shifted over time?

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