Common Mistakes In Ping-Pong Beginners Must Avoid For A Better Game

People interested in playing ping-pong or tennis have played the sport at least once. However, most interested players were self-taught, or they read more (อ่านต่อ, what is the term in Thai)  about the sport in various blogs and didn’t go beyond playing socially. So it can be said that they all belong to the beginner category, and beginners make several mistakes while playing the sport.

 So instead of repeating them time and again, here are some tricks shared on how to prevent them for your good. 

Holding The Tennis Bat Tightly

You can tighten your wrist and muscle if you hold the ping-pong bat tightly. This wouldn’t only forbid and make your arm movement slow but also turn your strokes a little jerky. It will be difficult for you to change the angle of the pat when you are taking turns from one stroke to another. To put it in simple words, you will have less control over your bat. 

On the contrary, try maintaining a looser grip to simplify the process of generating more spins. Switching between strokes will get easier, changing the bat angle.

Not Maintaining Much Distance Between The Table

Standing excessively close to the table tennis table might lead you to face difficulties when returning the balls with a deep landing. You cannot play a stroke, as you wouldn’t have any space. You must always ensure to maintain some distance between the table and you. The ideal distance would be a minimum of 30cm and a maximum of 50 cm. This will help you return the ball, despite the ball landing deep. 

Keeping Your Right Leg In Front When Standing

Avoid standing with your right leg forward. Beginners often commit this mistake when they play backhand strokes, even after reading more about ping-pong beginner tricks. While you can play backhand strokes by keeping your right foot forward, you might face a problem if the ball switches to your forehand. Playing decent forehand will get difficult, and you might fall in the wrong posture. Try standing with square feet or keeping your right foot behind your left foot. Playing backhand strokes get easier in this posture.

Floppy Control Over Your Bat

Floppy control over your bat might lead to inconsistent shots. It leads the bat to flop either forward or backward when it comes in contact with the ball. If the bat gets floppy on contact, you might never succeed inconsistency. Control our racket head and ensure consistency of your bat angle during the stoke. When your bat angle is consistent, your shot will be consistent too. Pinch the bat using your thumb and index finger if you have floppy bat strokes.

Table tennis isn’t an easy game, and beginners have to read more and undergo rigorous practice to become a good player. While it’s true that mere tips and tricks wouldn’t turn you into a ping-pong champion overnight, avoiding common mistakes can speed up your progress.                       

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