Compelling Reasons for choosing Wow Tv packages 

If you live in Midwestern or southern regions of the US, you have probably heard of wide open West or Wow. Wow is a cable, phone, and Internet TV service provider with an extremely catchy name. Even though the customer reviews of Wow are divided, with most of the customers lying on either side of the spectrum and some in the middle, the service of Wow is the best alternative that you can avail.

The Wow company is most recognized for its unlimited data policy and the price-for-life option. Suppose you enter Wow for $50. You will have to pay $50 till the time when you decide to leave the services of Wow.

Compelling reasons for opting for Wow

  • The Internet package of Wow is simply amazing. There is no data limit. Therefore, if you are working from home, engaging in online schooling, or love to play online games, you will not have to worry about the data getting over.
  • The maximum speed of Wow is above average compared to all the other Internet service providers.
  • Wow offers bundle plans to customers at extremely affordable rates. If you are availing of TV, Internet, and phone services, you can bundle them up together and pay one single price every month.

Disadvantages of opting for Wow

  • As mentioned above, the customer review has been extremely mixed in the case of Wow. Wow is only available in certain states.
  • If you want to opt for the best possible price option, you will have to enter into an agreement for a period of either one or two years.

Phone, TV, and Internet plans of Wow

Experts have rated Wow better than other Internet service providers due to its cost-effectiveness and for the maintenance of high customer satisfaction ratings. Wow is also recognized as being friendly to cord-cutters. This is available due to the unlimited data option that is available with the Wow Internet. You can let go of your cable TV service and focus on watching your favorite shows on the Internet without worrying about your data getting over. Thus, you can binge on Netflix without worrying about expenses. There are also monthly options of Wow Internet, cable TV, and phone services where you do not have to worry about a contract.

The different Internet packages of Wow

200 Mbps

You will be getting 200 Mbps download services.

The price is $49.99 monthly.

1000 Mbps

You will be getting 1000 Mbps download services.

The price is $79.9 monthly.

500 Mbps

You will be getting 500 Mbps download services.

The price is $59.99 monthly.

100 Mbps

You will get 100 Mbps download services

The price is $44.9 monthly.

Cable options with Wow

There are primarily three Wow TV packages currently available to the customers. Even though TV options and Wow are fairly limited, they are wonderful to suit your family’s needs. The three Wow TV packages are large cable, medium cable, and small cable TV.

Small cable

If you choose to go for the small cable option of Wow, you will receive limited programs. You will get around 90 channels with this plan. There are no premium channels included in this plan, as has been done in the case of the medium and large packages. The most notable omissions in this modest cable TV bundle are Fox Sports, Comedy Central, and Weather Channel.

Medium cable

Medium cable has significantly sweetened the bargain with a slight increase in price. With the medium cable, you will be able to avail over 150 channels, including travel Channel, Nickelodeon, etc. The medium cable package of Wow also involves a premium channel of your selection. You can select one amongst the four premium channels available: Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, or Starz.

Large cable option

If you want to go for Viceland and NFL network-type channels, you should opt for the large cable-TV option. With this option, you will avail of over 260 channels. The premium channel selection is the same as is with the medium cable option.

Wow ultra

The company Wow introduced Wow ultra as a response to the entertainment platform and smart TV that have recently captured the entire television industry. If you choose to go for Wow ultra, you will have to get the Wow Ultra box. This box is quite similar to the XFINITY X1 box. It also has an on-demand library that contains reports, premium channels, and the standard cable-TV services of Wow. The ultra-box comes with a direct Netflix integration and can be set up to be used as a Wi-Fi router to boost the signal of the Internet. This can act as a major benefit to those customers who want to be happy with one piece of hardware. Especially useful for families when it is used in conjunction with the DVR of the home.