Is the world ready for deepnude AI?

Services for generating images using artificial intelligence are gaining popularity: many see them as a new source of creativity. According to website, the capabilities of AI are used not only for serious but also for entertainment purposes, such as deepnude AI. Here is more about this new trend. 

The background of AI nudifiers

More complex neural networks work with a large number of algorithms. In 2014, Stanford University student Ian Goodfellow created a generative adversarial neural network (GAN), one algorithm of which is trained on photographs of a person and creates an image from this, and the second “fights” with it until the first algorithm begins to confuse the copy and the original. This ever-increasing complexity of the neural network gives birth to deepfakes. As stated in, in 2017, the Internet was overloaded with news that a particular neural network had learned to replace actresses’ faces in porn with the faces of Hollywood stars. 

Then the Internet started talking about deepfakes as a new “plague of the 21st century”, from which not only the reputation of famous people but also the world as a whole could suffer since, with the development of neural network algorithms, the technology and its implementation in everyday life will only become more complicated. It means that soon, each of us will be able to try on the faces of others without any problems and also literally undress anyone with just one tap on a smartphone.

What is the future of undress AI photo generators?

However, despite all the dangers, deepfakes also have their advantages. Yes, some of these videos go beyond what is permitted. Still, today, the overwhelming majority of them on the Internet are just harmless, well-written, and funny videos about how someone has the face of Nicolas Cage or Arnold Schwarzenegger pasted on to someone. Just imagine the possibility of using deepfakes in movies and parodies – their prospects are limitless.

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