When the calcium heart score increases the arteries of the heart are said to be calcified, it is usually after one has had a coronary calcification scan that you can tell the level of your calcium heart score. A calcification scan is an X-ray that can help reveal how much calcium has been built up in the blood vessels of one’s heart. Knowing the rate of calcium built up in one’s heart is very important because of one of the strongest pointers to one’s risk of having a heart attack in the future. Having a glimpse of your calcium heart score helps the doctor knows which kind of treatment you should be exposed to as soon as it is noticed to prevent any future occurrence of heart attack, diseases, or failure. Calcification of the arteries of the heart is simply known as the buildup of calcium in the heart, and the process of checking the level of calcium buildup in one’s heart is referred to as calcification scan, and the name given to the number generated from the scan is termed calcium heart score.

However, a buildup of it is very dangerous to the health of one’s heart. Calcification is a sign of how much fatty buildup that is plaque is in your arteries because this buildup contains calcium. And this can cause damage to the heart muscle, and this process can be very life-threatening. Hardening of the arteries is a term that is also referred to as calcification, these calcium form crystals in the blood vessel wall, and these crystals are hard. 

In case you have a high calcium heart score or a doctor tells you that you have calcified arteries, one of the things to do is pay keen attention to the prescription of your doctor. Take adequate exercise as instructed by your doctor, as well as have a healthy diet.

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