Beginners Guides To Different Types Of Marijuana

As more legal shops and dispensaries open across the countries, consumers must learn how to navigate a growing selection. Forbes estimates the value of the worldwide cannabis market at $ 38 billion. Cannabis’ versatility as a medicine helps drive the market forwards. Anxiety, chronic pain, and epilepsy are just some of the medical conditions that cannabis has shown promise in treating, according to several studies.

However, anyone who has bought cannabis from Marijuana Shop (ร้านขายกัญชา, which is the term in Thai) for medicinal or recreational purposes can attest not all strains are the same.

Varieties Of Marijuana Strains

Here are some of the most widely available types of marijuana in Thailand.

Acapulco Gold

The Acapulco Gold cannabis strain is famous and highly regarded as the best quality. It’s renowned for making people feel good and upbeat. It has beneficial effects on anxiety, discomfort, and even motion sickness.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is another strain that helps you unwind. Its calming and sleep-inducing effects are well-praised. Customers say they feel more incredible appetites and more energised after using it, which is excellent news.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie has the extraordinary capacity to relax and energise you simultaneously. On days when you have a lot on your plate, this will help you stay awake and productive.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has soothing, comforting effects without being too sedative. If you can’t afford sleep but could use some relief from inflammation, aches and pains or irritation, this is your best chance. In addition, it positively affects your disposition, making you feel upbeat and optimistic.

White Widow

White Widow has a soothing and uplifting impact on the body and mind. Pain, anxiety, and depression are all reduced, according to user reports. White Widow has the potential to keep you up and alert when you’re feeling fatigued.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush provides an unrivalled high, contentment, and restful sleep. People can use it to ease pain and loosen sore, tense muscles. In addition, its calming qualities make it an effective insomnia treatment.

Variability In Outcomes Is Possible

The strain can predict the average effects of cannabis, but it’s vital to remember that everyone responds differently. The above is only an essential guide, so the best approach to discovering how a product works for you is to try it and see what happens. The budtender in Marijuana Shop is there to accompany you through each stage of the process.

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