Care and Maintenance Tips for Granite Countertops

Granite has always been the first countertop choice for any upscale home renovation. It is considered to be a very substantial investment as the benefits received are worth every penny. The beauty of these countertops is unsurpassed, and not only in aesthetics, these stones are also high in durability. It is said that granites can last for a lifetime if they are maintained properly. 

So, here is the care and maintenance guide that you need for your granite countertops today.


Granite, like any other natural stone, needs to be sealed to turn it into a non-porous slab. It is this sealing only that would protect it from stains. Sealing is a part of the granite installation process, and this stone needs to be resealed once a year. If you are picking white granite, it will need more frequent resealing than the darker shades, as they are more likely to show stains. If the water beads up on the surface of your countertop, your granite is in good health. If the water is absorbed by the stone, it is time to reseal it.

Daily care

Once your granite is properly sealed, the daily care on the stone is just a cakewalk. You can just use a soft cloth to dust off the surface daily. You can also wipe it off with a damp cloth and plain water, and mild soap. If the area needs extra cleaning, you can use specially formulated stone cleaners that have neutral pH.

Special care

Despite taking a lot of care and attention, your granite countertop might need some extra attention at times. Oily stains on the surfaces are a bit rigid, and they have the tendency to get soaked into the surface. It can be removed by the application of a paste with dish soap and baking soda. You can cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight, and rinse it the morning after. However, it is recommended to call the professionals if the stains are stubborn or if the surface is scratched beyond repair.

Custom finish care

There are other finishes available except for the polish, like honed or leathered. They are more absorbent, and hence they need more penetrating sealers. They need special attention as stains, bacteria and moisture can thrive better on them.

With a little care and attention, the granite countertops from Granite au Sommet will prove to be the best addition to your kitchen.

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