Different Types Of Lip Surgeries!

Lip surgeries, also known as lip augmentation, are of various types. But why would someone need lip surgery? Many people get lip augmentation to enhance their appearance. Some people also get it done for medical purposes. If you are wondering how many types of lip surgeries (ทํา ปาก มี กี่ แบบ, which is the term in Thai) there are, we got you covered! This quick guide will give you everything you need to know about getting a lip job done.

What Is Lip Surgery?

Lip surgery is a cosmetic procedure for people to have fuller and plump lips. There are implants, fat transfers, and lip fillers. The best suitable lip surgery for you depends on how your lip appears. The recovery time, results, and procedure vary from person to person. Potential risks exist, but a certified professional can help you minimize this.

Types Of Lip Augmentation

  • To have more youthful-looking lips, people get lip augmentation. Some lip augmentation procedures require surgery. Some are temporary, while others are permanent.
  • Face grafting is done to inject fat into your lips; this gives a plump look to your lips. This fat is commonly taken from your stomach and purified.
  • Dermal fillers for lip fillers are injected into your lips or around your mouth to give a certain height to your lips. Cosmetic surgeons use hyaluronic acid fillers for this.
  • There are surgical lip implants available as well. It includes a small incision to insert an implant in each corner of your mouth.
  • People who want lifted lips get lip lifts to remove excess skin between the nose and upper lip.

Best Lip Augmentation For You

The best lip augmentation for you depends entirely on your lips and how you want them to be. A plastic surgeon is a qualified professional who will help you decide which lip augmentation is best for you. Your lip’s shape, size, and how you want them to look will determine your proper procedure. If you want permanent results, choose lip implants.


For any Lip surgery, there are some prerequisites. You should be in good health; you will need to quit smoking and be sure you don’t have any active infections, chronic conditions, or unrealistic expectations. With some minor preventive measures,  everyone can have a successful lip surgery. If you’re unsure about the change, lip injections that offer temporary results are an excellent option to experiment with. Make sure you use quality products and consult certified experts.

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