How to place an order for custom reusable bags?

Custom reusable bags successfully advertise your company, so you know you want to include reusable bags in your marketing strategy. The timing of your order might be challenging. Recent supply chain concerns have an influence on turnaround times, so keep that in mind when making an order. You want to give yourself plenty of time, but you also want to get a good price.

Custom earth promos understand, so we explain the many ordering choices we provide and give some helpful hints to ensure you get the most out of your custom reusable shopping bags.

Ordering options

We have two options for ordering bespoke reusable bags. Each alternative gives the same bag quality, but time and price play a role in the ultimate selection.


Our in-stock bags are fully built and ready for customization. All you have to do is confirm the number and colour of your bags, as well as email us your own artwork. We will print your artwork on existing bags and ship them to you. Ordering in-stock enables for a rapid turnaround, and bags typically ship in 10-15 days

One advantage of purchasing in-stock is that we can handle lesser quantities. Ordering in bulk is usually a better value, but this isn’t always the best option. If you just need a few bags for a particular occasion or need them straight immediately, our in-stock ordering is typically the best solution. A minimum of 250 units is required for in-stock ordering.


Your bags are manufactured to order when you utilize our bespoke and bulk ordering services. Custom and bulk orders have the considerable benefit of allowing you to totally design your bags. You may choose from one of our current bag designs or build something entirely new. We can increase the capacity or length of the handles, change the material, add pockets, or do just about whatever you desire.

Bulk buying your reusable bags results in reduced unit pricing, allowing you to maximize your marketing budget. The material prices grow as the quantity of bespoke reusable bags in your order increases, while the labor expenses remain relatively constant. These variables keep the price per unit low, allowing you to get a better value by purchasing more.

Make a plan

We recommend purchasing in bulk to take advantage of our bulk and bespoke ordering services. Because the unit price is kept low, these bags will provide an even higher return on investment. If you want to distribute the bags at a trade fair or event, contact the organizers to find out how many people are anticipated to attend. This information might assist you in determining the amount required.

To use your personalized reusable bags for other reasons, choose a design that is not exclusive to the occasion. For example, if you want to attend many events throughout the year, you may use the same bags as a takeaway. If you expect many of the same people at your upcoming events, you may want to produce something unique for each one.

Reusable bags are fantastic standalone presents, or they may be used as gift bags or welcome bags. You may sell your personalized reusable bags in your shop or on your website. Consider these applications when choosing the amount so that you may purchase enough while maintaining a cheap wholesale price.

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