Is It Necessary to Visit a Neurosurgeon for Your Back or Neck?

A neurosurgeon is a physician that does procedures to repair injury or disease of the spinal cord, brain, or nerves. In some cases, back pain or neck pain needs neurosurgical treatment, although the surgical procedure is not a common method for dealing with these concerns.

Some of the conditions that neurosurgeons treat consist of disc deterioration, scoliosis, cauda equina syndrome, spina bifida, spinal infections, spine injury, tumours, cysts, as well as more. While there are circumstances when these problems can be dealt with surgically, there are additionally circumstances in which these conditions can be dealt with without surgical treatment.

Southampton neurosurgery experts usually use bone grafts or back instrumentation such as plates, rods, screws, as well as cages.

Orthopaedic cosmetic surgeons can operate on several of these conditions too. Usually, neurosurgeons operate on problems that affect the spinal cord, which is made up of nerves, while orthopaedic doctors operate on the back, which borders the spinal cord, as well as is made up of bone. Yet these structures influence various others, so sometimes architectural reasons for pain in the back can be treated by a neurosurgeon, often by an orthopaedic specialist, and sometimes either sort of specialist could treat it.

Getting Started with a Neurosurgeon: Are You in the Right Area? 

You wouldn’t typically make a consultation to see a neurosurgeon for treatment of your neck or back discomfort. You must initially see your medical care professional, who will take a case history, analyze you, as well as perhaps get analysis examinations.

Most of the time, back or neck discomfort is caused by muscle convulsions or mild swelling, as well as a neurosurgical referral is not usual. You might be suggested treatment with the drug and/or physical treatment, as well as this often assists. Frequently, methods like the way of life adjustment can aid too. For example, adopting a better placement while working with the computer can minimize some kinds of neck or back pain.

If you have indicators of spinal cord injury or illness that can be operatively fixed, you might be described to see a neurosurgeon.

Indications of spinal cord injury or condition consist of:

  • Arm or leg weakness or discomfort
  • A spinal cord deficit spotted by your neurological assessment
  • Analysis examinations, such as CT or computerized tomography or MRI or magnetic resonance imaging show injury or disease of the spinal cord.
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