McMillan Stocks – Here Is Rifle Perfection

Why would you want to spend money on a customized rifle stock? First and foremost, in terms of appearance and feel, McMillan offers a wide range of McMillan stock colors, allowing you to personalize your rifle. You can also have your weapon custom-fitted. It’s no pleasure trying to fire a rifle that’s too big, too small, or has the improper height, for example. With a bespoke stock, when you raise the pistol to your neck, you’re in the optimal situation to take a shot without wriggling or turning your neck.

It Makes a Significant Difference

Placing a McMillan barrel on an antique pistol can drastically improve its performance. The precision will be off if the trigger does not fit precisely into the barrel and sit rock-solid. With age, particularly if the stock is wood, the bolt lever may bind on the barrel, or the muzzle may not have a vibration response over its length.

When the weapon is discharged, this moves in the direction of the muzzle. On the other hand, a bespoke stock will improve accuracy even with a fresh gun.

When You Place Your Order

They’ll email you a purchase form in advance, but you don’t have to understand everything; they’ll walk you through and give you personal attention.

For the majority of rifles, they already have accurate measurements and that detailed plan and canister on hand. Like the A-Bolt II, such rifles have variances of 2 – 5/1000th of an inch; therefore, you may need to bring in the trigger in some situations. However, for the most part, all you have to do is inform people to know what type of gun it is, and they will take over from there.

Two clams

They have two shell options: fiberglass and carbon fiber. Since carbon fiber is so very stable and strong, it can accept smaller fillers, allowing for an extremely light frame. You’ll enjoy this if you’re lugging a gun into the mountains looking for sheep or Coues deer. They disperse the loads based on the operation and cylinder, ensuring that the rifle remains steady and regulated while shooting.

One of their inventions is flushing cups, which link the slingshot to the side of the buttock rather than the end, allowing the gun will ride flat to your body rather than poking someone in the back or side all day.

Josh Deards is on tour.

Having the pleasure of meeting McMillan’s Josh Deards at the SHOT Show earlier this year, we recently took him up on his invitation to tour the McMillan facility here in Phoenix, Ariz. Their components are created entirely in Arizona, from start to finish.

These things take time, quality, and love, Josh explains. Almost everyone we encountered at the factory had been doing it for decades and were all quite skilled at their jobs.

Colors and Stock Material

After completing the extensive and precise order processing, the colors and stock materials are hands put into a mold. To guarantee that the stock is exactly balanced, five locations in the mold are opened up for different fillings employed in each area.

A laptop routing equipment in the mill room cuts out the action, barrel, and bottom metal intake areas, ensuring that the cutouts are perfectly right for the activity and cylinder that you requested. They have samples of most bottom panels, triggers, and barrels.

Butt Pad After milling the stock, it is trimmed for the amount of pull, butt cushion, and so on, and the butt pad is hand polished to fit your stock. If an error is made here, the entire operation must be restarted, but Tau has already been cutting butt pads for thirty years and has never made an error.

‘Department of Bling’

When Tau is finished with the butt pad, the stock is delivered to the “Bling Department” – equipment, the factory’s unsung hero, as Josh refers to them. The bolts, flush cups, and so forth are installed here. They don’t believe in automated machinery for this. All machining, lathe work, and so on are done manually. T-nuts are put and resigned in this area so that the screws can be removed repeatedly.

Nothing else but the best

The stock continues after the Bling Department. Because each of these processes is crucial, quality control occurs at each one. If any of the departments makes an error, the procedure is restarted. Nothing but flawless stock is shipped from the factory.

A lead inspects every stock for each department to ensure all is flawless before it continues. The production manager performs surprise checks throughout the procedure and examines each stock before entering the plant.

Creating a Beautiful Room

The stocks proceed to the “making lovely” chamber following the hardware. A stock may well have a bubble or have a slightly damaged surface. The women working here are artisans who mix colors and textures precisely to ensure that each stock has the ideal finish. According to Josh, this is a job that you either can’t or can’t do, and it’ll be clear within a week.

The majority of the ladies here were for more than 20 years. It can take days to create something lovely. Then it’s time for shipping.


One of the reasons that make our stocks so good, according to Josh, is that they get frequent input from their customers as well as their sponsored shooters.

Consider this. The three of us sitting here now have almost 100 years of combined rifle shooting experience. We do between 12 and 13,000 stocks per year. That’s a lot of knowledge to draw on. This allows them to fine-tune the minor details that distinguish their stocks.

If You Want McMillan Stock, Look No Further.

If your weapon is a less common style, it may take much longer because the order will be held until they have at least six or six orders.

When you wait for a McMillan, you’re waiting for customized – you’re waiting for flawless, as Josh puts it. They are so confident in their products that they offer an unequivocal lifetime guarantee against cracking, bending, breaking, cracking, or otherwise becoming unusable. Their website has further information.

One for each rifle

Once you’ve handled and fired a pistol with a McMillan stock, you’ll understand how so much time and effort went into it. You’ll like one on each of your rifles.

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