What Is the Champions League and why do People Watch It?

To understand the Champions League let’s get to know the football is organized. FIFA governs football in the world. It is also in charge of football tournaments in the US. There are 3 huge competitions connected with different regions across the US.

  • A qualifying tournament that decides whom to send to play with different countries every four years to play the World Cup.
  • The nation versus nation tournament determines the regional championship.
  • Club tournaments within the region are held every year and are called the Champions League.

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What is the UEFA format?

The UEFA (ยูฟ่า, term in Thai) championship is a format that involves a competition between top clubs around the continent playing for the European Champion crown. In 1955/56, the tournament started and was called European Cup and 16 teams participated. In 1992/93, the title changed to Champions League and has expanded with a total of 79 clubs participating. The number of clubs keeps on increasing as the year’s pass.

Since the formation of the UEFA Champions League, there have been 3 premier league winners –

  1. Manchester United – 1998/99 & 2007/08 [Twice]
  2. Liverpool – 2004/5 & 2018/19 [Twice]
  3. Chelsea – 2011/12

The five wins created plenty of drama and thrill!

Champions League Structure

The 4 English teams go straight into the first major competition phase – the group stage. 32 clubs make up 8 groups of 4 through a Mysterious ranking by FIFA. In summer, from September to December the groups play twice in two different stadiums. Three points are offered for a win and only one for the draw. The matches take place on the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday because national leagues are played on the weekend. So, these matches are called ‘European Nights’.

After the Group stage is completed, the top two teams from each group will enter the Knockout stage. All group winners are placed in a single basket and second place runner-ups are in another basket. At this stage, teams from the same country will not play against one another.

In the knockout stage, the tiebreaker – Away-goals rule is replaced by two fifteen minutes of extra time. The penalty will kick in if needed.

After the Knockout stage, the teams enter the quarter-finals, which is a random play. Every round is the same until the finals are played at the end of May before a massive crowd including wise guys, FIFA dons, and corporate tycoons.

Why do fans watch the Champions League?

Fans adore watching the Champions League because it is probably the highest-level football played across the world. Solid European Leagues play for the champion’s title. The competition among the elite teams offers lots of drama, intensity, thrill, and attention like no other soccer league.

The World Cup also grabs worldwide attention, drama, and ceremony but the teams practice together for several weeks. On the other hand, the Champion’s League includes clubs hosting international elite players representing their countries and playing together all around the year. They take their own game to a different level.

The history, attention, play level, intensity, glamor, and passion make Champions League the zenith of watching football for millions of people around the world.

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