Someone’s calcium heart score measures the amount of the plaque built up in the walls of the arteries in the person’s heart. The cholesterol that stores up in the arterial walls becomes calcified, this can be detected by a CT scanner, in the same way, that Xrays can look at the calcium of someone’s bones. The risk of a heart attack gets on the high side when a indicates that you are developing dangerous levels of plaque in the arteries. So, having to run a calcium heart score can be a very important way to predict the possibility of a future heart attack. The plaque found in the teeth region is different from that found in the heart arteries. The plaque that is found in the arteries is said to be harmful to your heart as it contains a combination of fat and calcium. The plaque appears waxy at first, then gradually becomes hardened with time, and this can create two serious heart conditions. 

First, it could clog the arteries, which will slow down the blood flow and prevent certain areas of the body from receiving proper levels of oxygen. The calcium heart score test becomes verthatortant because it helps identify the amount of calcified plaque in the heart’s arteries. An increased calcium heart score can be a pointer that you need to make adjustments in some regions of one’s life to reduce the risk of having a heart attack. As it has increasingly been known that heart disease has been part of the ranking cause of death in the United States, it becomes more important to pay close attention to the state and health condition of the heart and the calcium heart score. 

According to statistics, about one in every four death is a result of heart disease, and about one person has a heart attack every 40 seconds in the united state. This has now made this a critical bone of contention to keep track of the state of one’s heart, which can go a long way in helping to prevent future occurrences of any heart attack. It also allows one to maintain a lifestyle that ensures the proper state of health of the heart, and in case of any symptoms around the heart, it is essential to see a cardiologist quickly, to be sure of the state of the heart.

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