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Succeed On Amazon Uk – Partner With Leading Amazon Consultancy – Let Experts Design Your Amazon Storefront

Are you a seller passionate about selling on Amazon But facing issues with setting up your brand? eStore Factory is the agency for you. Being in this field for almost a decade, our team of Amazon – we treat clients as partners for growth and success.

Selling your products in the UK is an excellent decision. Since its inception, Amazon UK has been growing in folds. With millions of sellers and over 261 million customers, you can showcase your products to a large audience.

Amazon Brand Registry UK – Want to be successful on Amazon? It is crucial to protect your brand identity and intellectual property (like product listings and content) from other competitors in the market. As an authorised brand seller with a trademark, you can apply Brand Registry. Once you complete the documentation, verify your code to activate your Brand Registry.

Amazon sellers and vendors enrolled in Brand Registry with Product featured offers can apply for an Amazon storefront.

Amazon Storefront UK is a powerful tool to set your brand apart from billions of other sellers selling on Amazon. With over 6 million and almost 2 million active sellers on Amazon, you should exploit this tool to unleash your sales potential. Once you have successfully registered your brand, our Storefront designer will carve your Storefront that aligns with your brand. Through various tools and templates, we create multiple pages that link your product to the product detail page. You can easily showcase your product features, functionality, and unique selling points to your target audience.

Amazon provides pre-defined templates from which we will help you pick the template best suited for your brand category and product specificity. Some of the most popular templates we work on include

  • Marque – Now you can narrate your brand storey and showcase your product to your customers with this dynamic template, a seamless combination of Images and texts
  • Product Grid – It enables you to showcase your plethora of products systematically y on Amazon.
  • Product Highlight – As the same suggests, Amazon allows you to showcase flagship products
  • Blank – Create your Storefront page in a simplified way without using complex codes. It’s available on Desktop, mobile, etc.

Components we look into –

  • Header – We prioritise outlining the hero image of the product, logo
  • Template – Layouts provided by Amazon for effective page creation.
  • Page – The store pages and sub-pages that highlight your product.
  • Tile-type – Choosing the correct tile widget is crucial. Add the perfect text, image, or video to Storefront.

How does a customised Storefront boost success on Amazon?

  • You can easily reach your potential customers through engaging visual campaigns.
  • Now up-sell and cross-sell your products on Amazon.
  • You are narrating your brand mission and vision to your customer.
  • Leverage showcasing your array of products on a variety of categories and sub-categories.


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