Tips to choose the right rugs for your home


Once you get into interior designing, the list may seem endless with all the home decor items you need. Once you choose a colour palette, you can add different curtains, wallpaper, photo frames, rugs, etc, that align with your interests. Rugs act as a foundation of your room and are a necessity at home. Whether you are updating your present decor or beginning a new project, rugs should be a main priority. The right rug will make your area look elegant, classy and spacious. Each rug will sell a different story. If you don’t choose the right print, colour or size, your room may come out messy. It might be tempting to get the first rug you find attractive. But it requires considerable thought before you get one.

Read along to gain a few insights or tips on how to choose the best rug for your home:

  1. Understand the look and design

You must have an idea of the type of design you’re aiming for. You must consider things like your home decor and your tastes. If your furniture and home have a modern look, then you can go for a rug that looks contemporary. If you like to keep it traditional, you can go for a rug with traditional making and patterns. If your curtains and couches have plain patterns, you can explore a lot with your floor rugs. If the remaining style is vibrant and loud, you can keep it minimal with the rug to tone it down. So it works like a mix and match, to strike a balance with the right floor rug.

  1. The colour of your rug

The colours will be significant when it comes to room decor. Moreover, these colours can influence your mindset. As you wake up to these colours every day, make sure to choose the colour palette that will bring you peace of mind and refreshment. The colour of your rug must complement the entire colour scheme of the room. If the overall outlook is minimal with subtle hues, you can take one standout colour to give it a pop. Bright colours can instantly make your own attractive and loud. So, be it neutral or vibrant, make sure to choose the right shade. Do not be afraid to test out the different range of colours.

  1. Durability of the material

There are different types of material and fibre so you must choose the one that aligns with your needs. For instance, the woollen rugs will be long-lasting. They are durable and can look better as they age. They can suck in the dirt and even if it does get stained, you can clean it easily. Other fibres like synthetic fibres or natural fibres are also available. Natural fibres are more organic and synthetic can be more affordable. So if you have a sustainable mindset you can try out the organic and durable materials. You will be able to determine the rug’s density. Certain materials will be easy to vacuum. In the end, it comes down to what you like and what you prioritise.

  1. Size

Don’t try and use a rug like a carpet. Try to leave some area between the wall and where you would like to position your rug. Have an idea of the rough dimensions using a measuring tape or mats and then find the best sized rug for you.


As an overview, you can try out different combinations to find the most suitable rug that enhances the atmosphere of your room. You must decide if you are going to decorate to match the rug or if you want the rug to match the decor. Consider other decor like curtains, as they can significantly add drama to the shape and style of the room. Choose rugs that would complement or match the silhouette of the room, with the help of this guide and let your room shine.

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