Townhome Vs. Townhouse: Which Is Better For You And Why?

When it boils down to investing in a house, there are loads of factors that come into play. But to begin with, you should choose and determine the type of house you wish to settle in; townhouse or townhome. To help you get a better picture of which is better or the differences between townhome and townhouse, we have mentioned some of the important factors that you can consider.

Townhouse Vs. Townhome: The Key Points Of Differences

The primary point that differentiates a townhouse from a townhome is its layout and the square footage. Townhomes are smaller than the townhouses and the latter is narrower than the former. Townhouses are known for featuring several stories and are usually attached to the townhomes and shares an exterior wall. There is more difference between townhome and townhouse and one such is that townhouses feature a small and compact patio, backyard or a yard. As for townhomes, you might need approval from the HOA to renovate or remodel.

Townhouse Vs Townhome: Which One To Invest On?

Whether you wish to settle in a townhouse or a townhome is based on your lifestyle requirements, preferred location and your affordability. If you happen to have retired and are thinking of downsizing, then a townhome would be the coolest option for you. However, if you are a couple and wish to expand your family, then go for a townhouse.

The Perks Of Buying Townhouses

One of the major advantages of buying a townhouse is that you enjoy zero maintenance. While the types of services are based on your HOA, your HOA might cover costs involved for your exterior maintenance or even look after landscaping and lawns. Your HOA might also take up the upkeeping job of any kind of amenities that they offer. Low-maintenance townhouses is a lucrative deal for old couples who find it hard to climb staircases, clear the junk from the gutter or fix leaks. Townhouses are great for those who don’t want to deal with maintenances.

If you are still thinking which is better; townhouse or townhome or still dealing with the differences between townhouses and townhomes (ทาวน์ โฮม กับ ทาวน์ เฮ้า ส์ ต่าง กัน อย่างไร, which is the term in Thai) then you can consider townhouses. For people looking for zero-maintenance homes, a townhouse is a right solution for you. As for people searching for quieter places for residence, go for townhomes rather. 




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