Traits to Look Out for When Finding a Confinement Nanny

Aside from having a proper nanny training certificate and coming from a reputable agency, what should you look out for in confinement nannies? Well, read more to find out some essential traits you should consider.

1. Genuine affection for infants.

Your confinement nanny must actually like working with children. All infants, not just the adorable ones with dimples. The ones who never stop crying, those who urinate on their clothing while bathing, and those who only wake up at 3 a.m.

Because, let’s face it, you never know how difficult or easy your kid will be, and even the most easy-going newborns may be stressful and have terrifying episodes. Your confinement nanny should love infants enough to accomplish everything that has to be done with a pleasant smile and a soft touch, despite the numerous hurdles.

2. Sleeps lightly.

Most mothers hire a confinement nanny mainly to have someone on hand to take overnight feeds or attend to their needs at night. This provides much-needed relaxation for the mother following the birth. Of course, the confinement nanny has to sleep as well, but when the baby screams or exhibits pain, it is critical that she detects these sounds and is prepared to calm them. Being a heavy sleeper is not usually a deal breaker in most job descriptions, but it certainly is in this one!

3. Effective communicator.

This is critical if your confinement nanny is not a Singaporean local. Many confinement nannies come from Malaysia, and while they are equally capable, the language barrier can be a significant issue.

Some families do not speak Mandarin, yet that is all the nanny knows! Even if you and your nanny speak the same language, the accent may be too intense for clear comprehension.

This is especially important if you hire a nanny through an agency and have never met her before, so make sure you have at least a phone discussion with her beforehand.

4. Shared core principles.

While the confinement nanny is the “expert” in caring for your infant, you may have strong feelings about how some things should be handled. Don’t be hesitant to speak out; this is your child, and if something bothers you, let it be known.

It is critical that you communicate your strong preferences to your nanny before hiring her. This is done to ensure that she is pleasant and that your choices do not conflict with her own set of views and approaches.

5. Chemistry. 

Chemistry is vital in any relationship, but it is more necessary in something as intimate and emotionally charged as our profession. It is the piece that helps to relieve tensions and prevents possible disputes from occurring. When selecting a confinement nanny, trust your instincts and go with someone you feel at ease with. If feasible, have multiple conversations and interviews.

A confinement nanny is a true blessing, but choosing the wrong one may add needless stress, so do your research and make sure you consider these aspects before settling on one.

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