Singapore Divorce Process

Understanding the Singapore Divorce Process and How to Find the Right Lawyer

It can be difficult for couples to determine their next steps and where, to begin with, the paperwork when the marriage is crumbling apart. Unsurprisingly, divorce can be stressful, no matter the context or culture. In Singapore, the divorce process is a legal matter and couples involved must be fully aware of their rights and the requirements they must fulfil to ensure they are reasonable and fair.

In this article, individuals looking to divorce in Singapore will understand the divorce process more and learn how to find the right lawyer to handle their case. While it may not be avoidable now, you can mitigate the hardships to help you overcome these trying times.

Steps of the Divorce Process in Singapore

The Singapore divorce process follows a set of steps that must be fulfilled until a couple’s marriage is legally dissolved. These steps are as follows:

  1. Filing a Divorce

The first step of the divorce process in Singapore is to file a divorce through the Singapore Court. All documents and information required for the filing process can be found on the Singapore Courts website. This includes the Singaporean Divorce Kit and Statement of Particulars Form. The information provided must be up-to-date and correct.

  1. Serving Documents

After submitting the documents for filing a divorce, the next step is for the other party to be officially informed, or ‘served’, of the divorce intention. The documents must be served by personal service or served via post with an acknowledgement of service form attached.

  1. An Uncontested Divorce

If both parties agree to the grounds or the terms of the divorce, then it is deemed an ‘uncontested divorce’. This involves both parties signing a deed of consent and submitting it to the court. If any negotiations must take place before the signing of the deed, it is important to do so with the help of a lawyer.

  1. A Contested Divorce

When the parties involved are unable to agree on the matters of the divorce such as asset division, or child custody, then it is a contested divorce. Consequently, a hearing may be necessary to make a court decision based on an assessment of the facts.

Before filing for a divorce, it is important to have a look at the general information page of the website for more guidance and the latest information about the divorce process in Singapore. The process varies depending on one’s individual needs, so consulting with a lawyer is a good idea if there is any uncertainty.

How to Find the Right Lawyer for your Divorce

When it comes to divorce proceedings, it is important to get the right lawyer for your situation. Doing your research about the reputation and expertise of a solicitor is a must to ensure your divorce is handled promptly and fairly. Here are some ways to find the right lawyer:

  1. Thoroughly Research Your Options

One way to research the lawyers available is to read reviews and testimonials from other clients. This can be done on legal websites, as well as on sites such as Google and Yelp, to get a better idea of what people have to say. Also, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends and colleagues for referrals, especially if they have gone through the divorce process recently.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

When interviewing lawyers for the job, the right questions must be asked. This could be about the lawyer’s level of experience and expertise, the lawyer’s fees, the expected timeline and the lawyer’s track record with the Singapore Court.

  1. Choose the Right Fit

Finally, the most important thing to consider when picking a divorce lawyer is whether the relationship is a good fit. Divorce can be an emotional process and a certain level of comfort and trust between the client and the lawyer is essential.


Navigating the divorce process, within any context, can be a difficult and overwhelming task. It is important to have a good grasp of the requirements for couples to be fully aware of their rights and to make sure the divorce process is as efficient as possible. Working with a reputable divorce lawyer can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful divorce. With the steps from the Singapore divorce process and tips on finding the right lawyer, couples should feel more informed and confident about the divorce process.

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