Everything To Know About Eye Corner Extension

A surgical operation called eye corner extension (ศัลยกรรม เปิด หัว ตา, which is the term in Thai) enlarges the lateral corner of the eye. For some eyelid surgery operations, the clinic will use a laser to trim and enhance the eye’s corner to make it longer. Additionally, stitches will be utilized to stop the eye’s outer corner from shutting again. There is no recovery needed for this kind of procedure. Because the procedure is done in the corner of the eye, the surgical scars are minor and hardly noticeable. This procedure makes the eyes wider, more defined, and seem slenderer (they will appear more almond-eyed).

The Advantageous Outcomes Of This Technique Are As Follows:

Enlarge The Pupils Of The Eyes

The expansion of the outer corner extension broadens the horizontal dimension. There are many advantages for patients who have their eye corners expanded. Their eyes are proportionally wider and more pronounced, such as almond eyes. Additionally, bringing forth a more natural balance might enhance the facial look.

Improve The Look Of Your Eyes

Many people desire thin, well-defined eyes. This will make a face appear more aggressive while enhancing its beauty. People who want to alter their appearance can utilize an outer corner extension to give their eyes a furious and powerful appearance.

Maintain Proper Eye Shape Balance

Due to the individual nature of each person’s eyelids, double eyelid surgery is not a panacea. Everybody has uncommon visual issues. The horizontal eye shape can become slenderer and more balanced with eye corner extension.

Applying Makeup Is Simpler

Because no faults need to be disguised, it can save time and make cosmetic treatments easier when the eye form is more pronounced and ferocious in an attractive way.

Raise Your Sense Of Self-Worth

The slim eye form improves not only the countenance but also the personality. It consequently undeniably increases the owner’s confidence.


To enhance the visibility of the sclera (eye white), the outer corners of the eye are reduced during the treatment. People with limited sclera areas or abnormally upward-curving outer corners of the eyes are good candidates for this surgical technique. Enlarging the sclera surrounding the outside corner can be done on its own or in combination with lengthening the outer corner of the eye. Hence, It is important to visit the right expert who can help with the process of eye corner extensions.

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