Living with unmanaged chronic or acute pain – back pain, waist pain, joint pain, you name it, can make a hell of the living experience even under the most idyllic conditions. Yet pain remains a recurrent decimal as we go through life and its vicissitudes – a necessary evil, it seems, this unpleasant sensation. Fortunately, medical science, in its unending quest to make life better for humans, has a discipline (Interventional Pain Management) entirely devoted to this unsavory phenomenon called pain. And it has made appreciable strides in it. Interventional Pain Management, what is it? It is a medical approach that uses minimally invasive techniques specifically adapted to diagnose and treat painful conditions. It helps patients quickly return to their daily activities without heavy dependence on drugs. This approach is basically one devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of pain-related disorders. The interventional strategy utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in which a team of health care professionals works together, to provide a full range of treatments and service options for patients suffering from chronic and/or acute pain. Prominent among these health care professionals are the Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist, Physio, for short, and psychotherapist.

Sufferers of pain who hate swallowing pills or being pricked with needles will prefer the physical therapy option. Of course, this is a great natural option that goes straight to the root of the problem – with many benefits. However, to get the best of the possibilities inherent in physiotherapy/psychotherapy, the patient needs the expertise and experience of Pros who can offer first-rate treatments and facilities. We bring you the good news: “these professionals and facilities abound in the Denver, Colorado Healthcare system”. Here, you get the best value for comprehensive Interventional Pain Management.

Broadly speaking, the goal of the non-surgical (physical therapy) alternative in Interventional Pain Management Care is to manage pain by elimination or reduction, boost and maintain functional ability; develop physical power and stamina; enhance flexibility, and prevent disability. The seasoned physical therapists in the Denver healthcare system also demonstrate exceptional skills in relieving patients’ pain through carefully planned exercise regimens that enhance overall physical fitness levels, and mobility and prevent possible injury (all active modalities). Denver has a reputation for being second to none in this. The world-class therapeutic treatment available at Denver is further enhanced by state-of-the-art facilities/equipment. Our professional therapists also offer the more passive modalities of Interventional Pain care like ultrasound, ice/heat-press, hydrotherapy, and my official release.

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