Should You DIY or Hire a Pro for AC Repairs?

It is a common misconception that getting your AC fixed by a professional is going to cost a lot of money, which is also the reason why some people try to do the AC repairs themselves. Although some of us might have experience when it comes to home improvement and fixing home appliances—it is sometimes better to hire a pro who knows what they are doing.

Yes, it might cost more money to hire a professional to fix your AC upfront, but if you are unsure and inexperienced in fixing air conditioners, you might be better off spending the money to go for a repair service. 

DIY AC Repairs vs. Hiring a Professional Repair Service

Most of the time, hiring a pro to do the work is better than trying to fix something you are not familiar with—and losing more money in the long run. Without experience in fixing air conditioners, you might end up breaking the unit, which will most definitely cost you more money.

If you do have experience fixing air conditioners and you are confident in your DIY skills when it comes to fixing complex home utility appliances like your HVAC systems, it is your call if you want to do the repairs by yourself. However, you should note that different AC repairs and parts replacement tasks are not all the same. You might have experience fixing one thing, but the next repair might not be the same as the previous one.

If you are not sure, you should definitely hire a pro to do the job for you. Note that not all AC repair services are the same, and you should also select a service that you can trust.

The Benefits of DIY Air Conditioner Repairs

Some of the main benefits of being able to do DIY repairs is that you can save money. AC repairs can cost a lot of money, especially during the holidays and weekends. Aside from paying for the replacement components, you also need to pay for labor—which can add up depending on what issues your AC is having. However, you should probably keep in mind that the more complex a repair is, the more challenging it is to fix it.

There are instances where it is not necessary to call a professional, especially if you are a handy person around the house and you can somewhat understand how the AC works. Some tasks like cleaning and replacing the air filter and cleaning the debris that made its way to the condenser unit can be easy tasks for the DIY enthusiast. However, that is not always the case. Some ACs need more complex repairs and that is probably the best time to ask a pro for help.

Trying to fix an AC problem you are not familiar with is probably going to cost you more money and more of your time, and this is an instance where it is better to hire a pro to save you from all the headaches. 

When Should I Call a Professional for AC Repairs?

We recommend going straight to a professional AC repair service for any type of issue with your AC, even the easy-fix issues. But if you are indeed trying to save money, the best time to call a professional is when your AC unit is:

Producing unusual noises

AC units do produce noise, but when you hear something unusual or not normal, that is a sign that you need to call someone to take a look at it and fix it. Unusual noises like banging, and clanking indicates that there is something loose inside the unit. A buzzing sound indicates a malfunctioning condenser fan or compressor. And lastly, a high-pitched squealing sound might indicate that there is something wrong with the blower fan. 

Insufficient airflow

If you are not feeling that your AC unit is cooling the usual square footage of your home, that is a clear indication that there is something wrong with the unit. Not getting it fixed could affect energy efficiency and could cause more problems with the unit. Hiring a professional will help you point out the problem and help you fix it. If your AC unit is experiencing insufficient airflow, the best option is to call a professional instead of trying to fix the issue yourself. 

Why Should I Call a Professional AC Repair Service?

Whether you are used to DIY work or not, there are instances when calling a professional is the only option. Fixing an air conditioner can be a complicated process, and most repairs will even require specific tools that you might not have at home.

Calling a professional is much safer than trying to fix an AC yourself. It is more efficient and it lowers the chances of creating bigger problems. In addition, well-trusted AC repair specialists also provide warranties for the repairs they make to ensure you that they really know what they are doing and are confident that their repairs will last.

Without a trained professional, fixing your AC unit yourself could risk your safety. The risk of working with electric wiring is high and if you don’t want to cause more problems and stay safe—hiring a professional is probably the best way to move forward in repairing your AC unit.

What can a professional do for you?

A professional AC repair service can ensure that they can fix your AC unit without doing any further damage. They can ensure good airflow, change filters, clean both outdoor and indoor AC units, and efficiently do all the necessary fixes for the longevity of your AC unit.

The air is warm

If you feel that your AC unit is not blowing cool air or when it seems that the air is warmer, it could get very uncomfortable, especially during the hot seasons. The common cause for this issue is having low refrigerant. Replacing the refrigerant yourself could cause more problems for your health because it is a toxic substance, and refrigerant poisoning is no joke. The best course of action is to call a professional to do the job for you.

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