What is a product sampling program?

Securing consumers’ observations is tough these days. Observation spans are shorter than ever. Buyers are used to the instant fulfillment of BOPIS, and now drones are starting to deliver orders under the product sampling program.

Product sampling is one of the most straightforward manners to build loyalty and adapt your audience to your brand. But one of marketing’s oldest pieces of equipment still works today. Brands need help to break through and reach new customers under dry sampling.

A sampling program is an excellent solution for marketing your product to target consumers. Creating samples with a contract packing company can be what you need if you are trying to attract new customers or get the word out about new products to your returning customers under the product sampling program.

Many companies worldwide effectively use these reliable sampling methods for advertising under dry sampling.


We capture this data with our strategic approach and create opportunities for brands to deliver personalized recommendations, cross-sell and drive customer referrals.

Benefits of a sampling program

Highly-effective product advertising:

The statistic from the USPS shows that many companies use this method to market products to customers, and that is because it is proven to increase business and profit under dry sampling. Sending out samples is verifying the quality of your product and putting your name out among the consumers under the product sampling program.

Gain new customers:

Sending out foil pouches or cosmetic packaging filled with liquid products gives people a chance to try what you sell, so they will want to purchase it under dry sampling. They may not commit to buying a full-size product in stores if they know nothing about it.

They can try it by giving them a trial and seeing why the product is worth their time. A study found 50% of consumers who test a sample plan purchase the product after.

Customer retention:

You may have customers who last bought your product a while ago and may need to remember why they love it.

Encourage brand recognition:

Hiring a contract packing company gives you quality product samples representing your brand under dry sampling. According to information on the USPS website, 92% of consumers have bought products after trying samples. Sending your brand name and information to customers’ homes helps them remember it later while shopping under the product sampling program.

Get customers to your website:

The web is an innovative and effective way to advertise products and services in this modern age of technology and connectivity. 84% of people involved in the USPS poll said they would probably log onto a website if they received a postcard driving them there and might sign up to receive samples.

You could include your website on the sample or in the accompanying information. When you put your name and contact information on flyers, postcards, and models, you effectively put your name in their hands under the product sampling program.


You are allowed to send samples through the mail. Our sample packages can also be beneficial in a physical marketing situation under dry sampling. Some data states that men are more likely to use samples they receive in person.

This sturdy foil packaging can be easily attached to sales sheets or information material and handed out to potential customers under the product sampling program. Often, handout samples are distributed from booths or tables in a store or a marketing function such as a tradeshow.

These are great ways to interact face-to-face with customers and give them something to take away.

You are setting -up your sampling program.

Estimate the right buyers:

Before you send samples or even start filling foil pouches with your product, you must learn more about your consumers.

There are more effective ways to market your product than sending samples randomly under the product sampling program. If you actively put your models in the right place, it could save you money.

Choose the right quantities:

The correct number of sample pouches is the number that allows you to get your product represented in as many target consumer households as possible within your budget under the product sampling program. Making fewer samples could cost you more money than you gain from the advertising it provides.

Create an effective design:

Ensure that your plan includes elements of the full-sized version of your product found in stores to encourage brand recognition under dry sampling.

If your design bears enough resemblance to what customers will find in stores, they might need help to buy what you want them to. Consult a designer beforehand to ensure an attractive and practical look is used on the samples under the product sampling program.

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