The Figures Regarding Drug Abuse Will Shock You


Every year, thousands if not millions of lives are destroyed due to drug addiction. Drug addiction and drug overdose are extremely toxic and self-destructive habits. People who consume drugs regularly wish to progressively increase the dose to get the desired sense of euphoria because the body builds resistance to regular amounts. 

This leads to progressive overloading of drugs which is extremely dangerous. People who abuse drugs are more at risk of getting afflicted with serious diseases. It is extremely necessary that the issue of drug abuse is addressed at the earliest before it gets too late and the situation gets out of hand. 

One of the best ways to handle the issue of drugs is to get the addict into a rehab center. If you are looking for some Rehab centers in Oklahoma, then you must refer to Detox to Rehab where they have the entries like Jordans Crossing rehab Oklahoma. They have a huge network of rehab centers spreading across the nation. 

They were started with a vision of freeing society from the menace of drug abuse. They use many informative blogs, articles, and videos to meet their goal. 

Facts & Figures regarding drug abuse 

Did you know that drug overdoses have progressively become the leading cause of death among Americans? Between 2013 and 2019, there has been a jump of 56.6% in such injury deaths. This astounding figure is a reflection of how big a problem drug abuse is. In 2019 alone, there were more than 70,000 confirmed deaths due to drug overdose. 

The worst performing state is West Virginia and the best-performing state is Nebraska. These figures matter because the government spends close to $600 billion to deal with this opioid ensued epidemic in America. More males are reported to be the victims of deaths as compared to females. 


Drug abuse is an epidemic that needs to be addressed and treated at the earliest. 

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