How To Check If A Rolex Watch Is Authentic Or Not?

In the watch industry, Rolex, in its name, holds elegance and beauty without a doubt, but the reputation also has some pitfalls. Fake Rolex watches have been in the market for a long time now. Even though you can check Rolex watch price (นาฬิกา Rolex ราคา, which is a term in Thai), there might be chances that you would end up buying a fake watch. However, you don’t need to stress as here are some factors you need to take into account to check if the Rolex watch is authentic or not.

Consider Placing The Watch To Your Ears.

Firstly you need to check the inner functioning of Rolex. Before you analyze anything else, you need to place the watch near the ear and listen to the sounds of the elements ticking inside. You need to know that original Rolex watches are automatic movement powered, so the watch’s ticking sound will verify the quad’s movement presents. If there is no ticking sound in the watch, you can say it is a fake Rolex.

Consider Checking The Back Of The Watch.

Besides considering the Rolex watch price, you also need to check the back case. You need to know that the watch is a replica if you see that it has a clear backside. The company believes in smooth polishing and refinement of the case back, so they don’t use any glass or a see-through portion, and the genuine Rolex watch indeed features a smooth finish.

Consider Crown Etching

The replica companies don’t use the true craftsmanship that Rolex considers using, and it is one of the major bases determining if the watch is authentic. The company, since 2002, has been including tiny crown etching around the 6:00 position in all the Rolex models, and that is, of course, a considerable crown etching that creates difference and uniqueness for the wearer. It would be best if you used a magnifying glass to see the etching in the watch.

Check The Engraved Serial Number Of Rolex.

All the watches manufactured by Rolex include an exact serial number. Even if the replica company copies the serial number, no company can replicate the Rolex engraving part. The Rolex numbers are engraved so perfectly and precisely that it makes the watch stand out in a crowd.

Hence you need to consider all these factors to know if the product is fake or authentic.

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