Factors To Consider When Purchasing Woman Rolex Watch

When it comes to watches, women are particular about the kind of watch they wear. It is not just the design or color of the watch, but it is the band that plays a crucial role.

While searching for a luxury watch for ladies, there is no better thing to begin than Rolex.

These watches are made on the highest of the high standards & also constructed from the premium materials the universe has to provide. Although these watches are well known for their durability, feminine iterations of these Rolex watches are also celebrated universally for their elegant designs, fashionable & class, effortless beauty.

These Rolex women (Rolex ผู้หญิง, which is the term in Thai) timepieces are waterproof with certified mechanical movements on the very top of them.

But how much does this watch? This question will strike on the mind of everyone. Also, they are affected by multiple factors such as demand, age, materials, and age. This also should be noted that this Rolex watch, which has a diamond or precious gemstones, will have a high resale cost regardless of whether this is on retail or a secondary market.

Women Rolex Oyster Perpetual

In 1954, this Rolex unveiled this Lady oyster perpetual as the watch of the 1st Rolex ladies. Though this had the same features as an oyster perpetual at the initial stages, this has also developed & and adapted unique characteristics over time. Now ref. one lakh seventy-six thousand two hundred watches have also attracted maximum favored attention for their purple dials & the patented oyster case, which has also proven to be truly waterproof.

If you are willing to purchase Rolex women’s watches, it would also be your top priority because of this trendy nature. This watch has a smooth bezel with a 3-piece link oyster strap & is a marvel to behold indeed.


During the 1st twenty years of the history of Yacht-master, this company had also released some attractive watches, whose sizes were 29 mm, 40 mm & 35 mm. The first and the last sizes were also marketed towards the ladies.

Every timepiece had the oyster straps. In addition, this Rolex woman 35 mm & 29 mm timepieces were also sold in completely yellow gold, two tones yellow gold &Rolexium. Besides, various gem-set dials could also be selected from rubies and diamonds, which act as sapphires & indices.

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